Whitehall Enterprises

Tony Whitehall has been a craftsman for decades, initially handcrafting works with his father before the early 1990s. Over the years he's been able to hone and refine his skills through work, experience and training. Starting his own business, Whitehall Enterprises in the early 2000s, he worked as a private contractor to provide solutions and maintain premises of his customers

Since early 2022 he decided to develop bespoke handcrafted woodworking products and to develop Workshops that aim to introduce persons to the craft as well as to offer his students the knowledge gained from decades of working experience. This experience delivering quality service allows him to provide exceptional unique items made from local lumber such as mahogany or reclaimed pieces of lumber as well as beautiful blends of purple heart, new and aged pine. You can purchase your own one-of-a-kind pieces directly from him or through his Saturday Workshops learn how to make your own.

Whitehall Enterprises stands ready to deliver functional, hand crafted, timeless bespoke centerpieces to your life.


1(246) 288-9111


Whitehall Enterprises LTD
Lot 3A Mangrove, St. Philip ,
Bridgetown, Barbados
Tel: 1 (246) 288-9111
E-mail: whitehallton@gmail.com
Owner: Tony Whitehall