We offer projects, products and workshops for people at any stage of their carpentry journey. Whether you're here to learn how to become one of the best craftsman or craftswomen on the island, produce a one off item that you've had your eyes on for a while or purchase one of our finished works; we offer decades of experience, patiences and a workspace to make your goals come through.

Student Review

So, I felt the need to do something different, I didn't want to continue on the trend that I've been on of studying only academics. So this post popped up and it seemed interesting, however, because I'm asthmatic, I was a little hesitant but something told me to call.

I called the number spoke to Mr. Whitehall and the rest as they say, is history, he gave me an update of the entire process for learning this new skill and right away I signed up. It was supposed to be completed in two sessions, I took three because of time constraints.

The set up Mr. Whitehall has was clearly, carefully thought out before implemented. The machines are all attached to a vacuum which sucks in all of the sawdust, so you don't have to deal with any stuff. The only dust I dealt with was sanding my boards and that was minimal.

I have two beautiful boards from my experience and information on how to fix a stuff around my home. It was a refreshing experience. Who would've thought that at my age I could learn a trade. I did in two day. I'm not a carpenter or a joiner but I can certainly help myself now. Thanks for the experience Mr. Whitehall...

- Joan Z. Boyce, 2022

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